Dry Cleaning garments - $4.19            *Most Garments

Wedding Gown Cleaning - $50.00 and Up

Wedding Gown Preservation-$150.00 and Up

Rug Clewaning - Depending on the size

*For Leather and Suade give us a Call


Bed Skirt, straight - $20.00

Blanket - $15.00

Down Comforter - $35.00

Duvet - $25.00

Pillow Cases - $3.99

Sheets - $15.00

*For more prices feel free to contact us!


Using the services of a drycleaner has for many become a casualty of the lackluster economy. If all your dress jackets, slacks and pleated skirst have become a mountain of cloth in your closet and those formal, stiffy starched shirts are languishing in the hamper, take heart! One Price Dry Cleaning is now in Pinecrest and Coral Gables.

Pin Down Lifts - $13.00

Rubber Lifts  - $14.00

Rubber Heels - $21.00

Protection Soles - $25.00

Shoe Shine - $10.00

Shoe Dying - $35.00

Zippers - $39.00

Shoe Stretching - Width - $14.00




Pick- Up and Delivery

Dry Cleaning garments - $4.59

*Most Garment

Laundry Shirts - $2.29

*These prices are subject to change and may vary depending on the location. Upcharges apply to certain fabrics, special finishing, and expedited service.

*In order to keep our prices low all that we require is Pre-Payment. Form of payments are cash, checks, debit/credit cards (except American Express).