We are offering a fresh approach to the dry cleaning and laundry process that's more convenient, delivers better quality, and saves you money.


We are the original developers of the "One Price" concept and the first to introduce it to South Florida. Although many have tried to copy the concept and use the name; they have not lived up to our standards or quality, service, and honesty.

The truth is that charging different prices for different garment types is not fair to the customers since it costs the same to clean most garments. It cost the same to clean a $500 suit as it does to clean a $200 suit. We charge one price per garment because it's the only ethical way to operate.

What's more, we use the most advanced, effective yet safe cleaning equipment and solvents. This means if we can't get something clean, nobody can. We also save you money by avoiding the use of unnecessary cardboard, stuffing, and packaging, as that dramatically increases costs to customers.

Free pick-up and delivery.  We are the pioneers of this new concept. Now offering one price for your pick-up and delivery services from home or office for the areas of Pinecrest, Palmetto Bay, South Miami, and Coral Gables area.